10 Facebook Quotes for You

Facebook Quotes for You

10 Facebook Quotes for You

1.“Google: ‘I have everything!’ Facebook: ‘I know everybody!’ Internet: ‘Without me, you all are nothing.’ Electricity: ‘Keep talking, b-ches.’”  – Unknown

2.“Facebook is like a fridge, you know there is nothing new, but you check it anyway.”  – Unknown

3.“The greatest thing about Facebook, is that you can quote something and totally make up the source.”  – Unknown

4.“There used to be diaries, now it’s called Facebook.”  – Unknown

5.“I hardly know you, but Facebook says it’s your birthday, so happy birthday!”  – Unknown

6.“Facebook Messenger: Even more ways to stay connected to people you don’t like.”  – Unknown

7.“I hate it when people post a Facebook status or tweet instead of confronting a person.”  – Unknown

8.“Facebook + Texting = Textbook. So I’m studying right?”  – Unknown

9.“Facebook = Where I lie to my friends. Twitter = Where I’m honest with strangers.”  – Unknown

10.“Sometimes, I update my status just to annoy that other person who’s mad at me.”  – Unknown

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10 Facebook Quotes for You
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